RavenDB.Identity – an ASP.NET Core Identity provider for RavenDB

I’ve recently been doing some greenfield development with ASP.NET Core; I feel the framework, now in version 2, is sufficiently stablized to warrant new work in.

As my database of choice is RavenDB, I want to store my users, logins, and claims/roles in the database. For that, I’ve built the NuGet package RavenDB.Identity. While there are some existing packages for doing Identity with RavenDB, I designed my package to be easy to use and get-out-of-the-way:

Nice and simple, eh?

Once it’s setup, you use [Authorize] just like normal:

Likewise, signing in uses the built-in Identity APIs:

More details, and a sample project, over at the RavenDB.Identity GitHub repo. Enjoy!